Helping moms thrive in parenthood.

Real Community. Authentic Advice.
Years of experience.
Certified specialists in various Fields
Mother helped and counting many more to come
The community and the support you need.

We focus on you.
You’ve spent so much time getting pregnant, being pregnant, setting up the nursery, creating a birth plan. After your newborn comes home, all the focus is on the baby. But what about mom? That’s where Après Birth comes in.

We'll make sure that you don't just survive—you will thrive.
At Après Birth, you’ll connect with a community of moms in the same phase of life. You’ll experience the positive benefits of a strong support system and get helpful advice. You’ll rediscover who you are.

For what comes after, because you are important.

Intense focus on women’s health prenatally is unbalanced by infrequent and late postpartum care.

Alexandra Sacks, MD and Catherine Birndoff, MD
Authors of "What No One Tells You"

I go from seeing my patients almost every week, and then I see them again at 3 and 6 weeks. They ask me when I will see them next. The answer is in a year. They just look at me in disbelief. I had nowhere to send them. Now I do.

Ilana Brownstein, MD
Obstetrician & Gynecologist in NYC
Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics & Gynecology,
Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University
For every stage—we've got a group for you.
Baby On the Way
It’s time to prepare for when the baby comes home. Join us for our postpartum series—prepare your home and for what comes next emotionally and physically.
The time right after birth is critical. We’ll give you tools and set the stage for your own long-term health and well-being.
Babies 4 months +
Sure, you’re starting to figure it out—but it’s still hard. Join us for the ongoing support you need. Share your experiences, get advice, laugh (or cry).
We’re not forgetting about mamas of older babies. We’re here to help make every stage of parenting as smooth as possible.
Our evidence-based lactation support is woven throughout our support groups with a Certified Lactation Counselor. Private sessions coming soon.
Positive Discipline
Managing the emotions and behaviors of a toddler can be a challenge even for the most patient of parents. Join us to learn new tools for stressful moments.
Après Birth is here for you.
The Support You Need
Connect with a small, intimate group of mothers in the same life stage in an accepting, fun-loving, and supportive environment.
Expert Led
An experienced, certified moderator gently guides the conversation, providing factual information and helpful advice.
The Comfort of Zoom
Video sessions allow you to join from home. No need to miss a session if the weather is bad, the baby is crying, or it’s nursing time.
We can check in weekly by text—if you want. Regular check-ins have been proven to improve your mood and breastfeeding.
Evening Support
For moms who can’t get away during the day, we also provide evening sessions so that you can connect after you put your little one to sleep.
We Make it Easy
No surprises. No membership required. We tell you exactly how much our services cost, right up front, and make it simple to book.
Hear from our community.

Tiffany’s guidance and the group’s support have played an invaluable role in helping me with the difficult transition and identity crisis that comes with new motherhood.

Tayma G.

These sessions are a lifeline—like group therapy mixed with a rare opportunity in new parenthood to form and deepen meaningful relationships.

Jia T.

I love that the sessions are on Zoom and we’re able to connect from the comfort of our own homes.

April D.

Tiffany is so knowledgeable on every topic. She is open, kind, welcoming, and funny — and she always makes me feel like I’m doing a great job as a parent.

Molly B.

As a second time mom, the group was the highlight of my week and while many of the struggles are the same as first-time moms, Tiffany made sure I felt supported when dealing with the changes of growing your family.

Erin F.

Tiffany’s new parent group was my main source of support for the first six months of motherhood. I don’t know where I would be without it.

Caroline B.

With two little ones at home, a 2-year old and a newborn, zoom was the perfect way of “getting out there” without having to leave the house.

Hanna S.

Tiffany’s after-birth group was nothing short of a lifesaver for me. I had no idea what to expect of new motherhood, and it turned out to be much more daunting than anticipated.

Ann B.

Talking with other moms is inspiring in many different ways, but especially because we learn from each other.

Daniela B.

“I had to deliver four weeks early due to preeclampsia and my entire body was extremely swollen, making latching to my breast difficult for my daughter. The hospital could not provide a lactation consultant the first day, but fortunately I was able to use Après Birth telehealth. It saved my breastfeeding relationship and my sanity in those first few crucial days.”

Kelly B.

The toddler years are tough. Tiffany’s positive discipline workshop taught me how to be firm with my kids in a loving manner.  The parent-child role playing exercise helped me understand the child’s perspective and speak with them in a manner that they’ll better respond to and learn from.

Amanda F.

I learned that no matter what number kid it was, where we lived, what kind of career we had, whether we breastfed or bottle-fed, we were all in the trenches together and we all needed support.

Liz H. Tampa, FL

Because you deserve Après Birth.